Sunday, 4 February 2018

Up in the clouds

Give me bacon and maple syrup waffles and bottomless beverages for less than £30 and I'm on cloud nine... or cloud 23. The latest brunch menu in the Hilton Deansgate bar offers a variety of dishes, from buttermilk pancakes with fruit and clotted cream, to smoked salmon eggs Royale, with prices starting from just £6. Add in 90 minutes of free-flowing alcohol for £20 and your easy weekend morning is sorted. That's without even mentioning the amazing (yet somewhat overcast) views of Manchester and beyond.

If you're like me and one place for food just isn't enough, then Dukes 92 just a few minutes walk down the canal is idyllic. One of the few restaurants/bars in Manchester that offer free parking; this place screamed easy Sunday. The live band and bright, warm atmosphere created just the right balance between feeling super relaxed and feeling a bit posh, without being pretentious. 

With a huge selection of gins and spirits, and great food, this place was a must-visit. I will also add that the decor, particularly in the bathroom, was delightful. I mean... the toilet cubicles even had a shelf to put your bag... hallelujah to none of the awkward hovering over the loo with one hand holding your belongings. Ah, the little things. 


Monday, 22 January 2018

Beginning my blogging journey

Here I am. Finally making use of those English GCSE's which at the time were oh-so-pointless. I feel like a creative outlet is a big hole missing in my life of final year university lectures, bar shifts and the gym. So here goes.

Where to start? 

Perhaps it would be most suiting to start with the latest events: post-exam celebrations, bride-squad meet ups and afternoon tea delights. Having (finally) completed my January University exams (last time I'll ever have to do them...yay!), and bagged myself a night off work, a girls night was well due. And also a perfect excuse to meet up with my boyfriend's sister (bride to be) and her other bridesmaids. Italian was the food of choice - and what a winner that was, sangria and pasta-a-plenty. Nicely full and tipsy, we headed to a cool gin bar called 'Mimi & Gin' in Ormskirk, which would satisfy even the most experienced gin drinker's needs. 

Saturday was spent hangover-recovering the nice way, enjoying afternoon tea with family in a very Cath Kidston-vibes cafĂ©. Broccoli and stilton soup with doorstop bread followed by a healthy portion of lemon drizzle cake, what more can a girl want?

Outfit of the week

Primark at its finest - season-transferable polka dot pants that are too classic to date, for a pain-free £13, and a 'love me not' comfy white tee for less than ten pounds. Finished off with some pearls and dainty black ballet pumps, it's perfect for any day-to-day plans. Dress it up with heeled boots and some on-trend statement earrings and you're on to a winner. 

Stay tuned for weekly blogs on lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty. 

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